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Title of of series: 'CHANGE'

The Change series of abstract paintings continues on from the 'Time' series.

'Change' addresses many issues which we find hard to confront. Issues involving alteration, whether it be within our social, residential or familial environment. These fluctuations can have various outcomes. Some positive whilst others may appear negative either way there is an adaptive process to deal with. Often it leaves us feeling fragile and pessimistic whilst other times change can evoke an optimistic current, allowing one to embark on a roller-coaster of experiences which otherwise we would not have felt. Observing and witnessing the chosen path that people take when faced with the option that 'change' presents has allowed an interesting voyage. This body of work looks at these encounters and addresses them in the form of a painting.

When a person ages there is a point where she dies sometime before the actual one. What we are left with is somewhat a memory of the former being. Giving us occasional glimpses of the original occasionally.

Darren Stone

Art & Photography


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